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Yesterday’s PAM problems are… today’s problems too

Okay, so a new version of Linux-PAM was released,, two days ago. I haven’t been able to update it in Portage, and here is why.

Linux-PAM has a really nasty error throughout the whole automake based buildsystem: it uses the AM_LDFLAGS or target_LDFLAGS variables to pass the libraries to link to GCC. This is wrong, as they would be passed before the objects to link them for, resulting then in failure to link using as-needed (beside being semantically wrong).

So my possible solutions are a) ignore the problem b) fix the problem myself over all the modules c) telling upstream their error and hope they’ll solve it, and wait for before bumping in portage.

Unless someone is going to pay me to fix all the modules, I’ll probably decide © for now; and this accounts for eventual requests of bumping Linux-PAM right now.

Oh, and yes, ALSA upstream was able to screw up PPC again, yai! Too bad I don’t have a PPC box myself anymore, or I would have caught this before. Thanks to the reporter for letting me know.

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