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Yes, yes, I know

I said I was in vacation and I wouldn’t be back, but today I had to ask Bryan to get my privs back, as there’s a new KDE release that is going to be ready next week, and I know that, well, I got this curse of knowing how to use

So my break took… a break, I got my commit privs back, I’ll fix KDE 3.5.6, and then I’ll be back on my break again.

I’m still undecided whether to stay or leave, but.. we’ll see that later on, okay?

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  1. Please stay! You do such a good job, and you help so many people (my self included on several occasions)

  2. If you want help with the decision:Stay. Would be a really sad day to see you leave Gentoo, especially with you being one of the most verbose and community-interacting people.Maybe getting rid of a few of the things that really annoy the hell out of you (like the council or whatever you consider the thing that pisses you off the most).

  3. If you want help with the decision:stay. Maybe don’t do anything, drop all the packages, hibernate, but stay and fix what you feel like to fix.There’s no need to work 24/7: the work you’re able to do it’s anyway invaluable!My 0.2$.ciao!

  4. It would be great that you stay, but in any case thank you very much for your effort and commitment.I’m just a single gratetful gentoo user.Enjoy you break and remember that you’ve done a great work.I would like to hear more about you in the future.Best regards.

  5. Take a break and come back when you slowed down a bit. There is no need to do ALL the things NOW.Of course it’s nice when the new KDE release is made on time, but it nothing bad if it takes the one or other {day,week}.You made a LOT for the community, so you should really look for yourself. And if you solved all your real life issues we will happy to hear from you again!Thanks!

  6. from your blog you sound like you’re seriously overworking yourself with gentoo.take the free time. think it through.if you come back to gentoo devote it 30% of the time you previously did. that’s what i would do if i would feel tired.

  7. I agree with yoshi. Your 30% is more than most devs 100% anyway. Thanks a lot! Don’t burn out!

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