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Introducing the Rust category

Here I am, creating one of the new categories that I told you I would have created when I moved to blojsom, so that I can easily talk about Rust, my Ruby bindings generator for C++ and C.

I’ve started yesterday to write the RDoc documentation in the ruby files, if all goes like i hope, soon I’ll be able to get ruby-hunspell to build with Rust, which means that at least the C++ bindings support will be working as I intend.

When that will be okay, I’ll be working on packaging Rust in a gem format so that it can be easily installed in a Ruby fashion; unfortunately for C++-based extensions using a Gem does not seem easy (extsetup.rb does not work with C++), so ruby-hunspell and rubytag++ will have to remain built with CMake.

One of the problems I’m having now is finding a decent way to run unit tests; Rake does not seem to be that good when it comes to generate a cc/hh pair, and then build an extension based on that. I’m afraid I’ll have to resolute myself to use CMake again, but this time basing myself on Test::Unit for most of it.

Let’s see if I can get it to a decent fit before night, so I can publish the GIT repository for good.

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  1. For Paludis we ended up having to do all the Ruby code building and generation via manually written make rules for autotools. Anything based around Ruby’s build system will mis-link C++ files, and libtool can’t build .so files in the manner expected by Ruby because of its attempts to enforce portability.

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