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So, I’m rally enjoying this vacation, I was finally able to find time to watch a few DVD of movies I bought and didn’t watch yet, and I’ve started cleaning up my room by moving out stuff I don’t need and trashing stuff that is obsoleted or simply useless.

On the good news, yesterday I was also able to find Serenity’s DVD at a very good price (€8.90), I knew it was just matter of time for it to appear at budget price, the movie didn’t get much advertisement in Italy, or success either, as we haven’t had the FireFly series yet (while I’ve watched the series… “somehow”), and the original price for the DVD (€26.90) wasn’t going to get it into most shops, considering that it’s an end for a story almost nobody seen the start here. This was when I was shopping to find a (brr) Windows 2003 license, that I didn’t actually find yet, but I took the chance to buy House, M.D. DVDs too (for the first two season for now).

I also started sleeping; I woke up just 30 minutes ago after about 14 hours of sleep time. And all the readers of my blog know that I’m usually not sleeping at all. The result was achieved not through caffeine withdrawal, either; it’s just that luckily I don’t have new personal troubles (still got a few of old ones, but they, uhm, are plainly old now), and I don’t have any Gentoo trouble at all. It would be quite healthier for me to leave Gentoo, as I expected.

This is bringing me to think about this; nothing really stops me to leave Gentoo after these two weeks, beside my fidelity toward my users and that feeling of doing something for Free Software as other Free Software developers did/do for me. And I’m quite sure my hateclub will be even more noisy while I’m away (it’s one of the features of some people to be more vocal when the person they talk about is missing), and although that would be doing their game, I’d rather avoid wasting my time and health to show them wrong (even if I know that would be easy to obtain).

I suppose that I could fight for what I have my faith into, fight for a Gentoo that works, for a Gentoo without people slacking around, but really, to what result? There’s no way I can force out the people that I know are not doing anything good to the whole distribution, they have the right of staying there doing nothing, unfortunately.

We’re the same as Debian, no way around this, and it’s scaring me.

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