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Maybe just two weeks

Okay, as today I was really tired, Seemant offered me a 2 weeks trial. To make it effective, I also got the commit access removed; Timothy, Roy and Javier will take care of Gentoo/FreeBSD while I’m away; I won’t be around on IRC, or following mailing list, or answering private mails concerning Gentoo during this time; I won’t blog anymore about Gentoo for the time (you’ll probably see other blogs though, as I’ll still work on getting a new engine working), and I’ll try just to relax, and to get my jobs done.

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  1. Enjoy the break, take it easy for a while and come back refreshed and more chilled out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I would be very sad if you would leave. You are one of the few imho who make a difference. And remember, it only matters how you feel about what you do for gentoo. If you still have fun doing what you do, keep doing it if not well…….

  3. About time you took the advice you always gave me Diego (which to this day I’ve not really taken). Its amazing how often we say something to someone else but never follow it ourselves. Enjoy your time away, and if you need to get in touch with me you know how. I can also give you IM related stuff if you just want to chat and talk.

  4. You really deserve this break! Have fun, get some rest, relax, enjoy yourself, … and see you in two weeks! (whatever you decide there)

  5. Hi Diego,is sad to know that you mean to leave, by the way i want to thank you for all the good job made on the Amd64 and Freebsd ports, and i hope that you wont leave, enjoy this break.

  6. Hey Diego, You’re one of the favorite guys in my office as far as blogs we read. Whatever you start spending your time with, enjoy it! You’re also one of the few Devs who makes me want to get off my lazy @$$ and give a hand ๐Ÿ˜‰

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