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Another magic PAM debacle

So, today I decided to start cleaning up the PAM bugs for 0.99 so that we can soon stable pam-0.99, and get rid of pam-0.78 that’s an hell to maintain.

Unfortunately, the prospectives aren’t those good. There are the docbook dependencies that many people find useless and unused, but they are actually needed if some of the tools for building the documentation are present, so I’ll leave them there until I can disable documentation at once; and there’s the make check failure that is due to the changes in automake handling (or —as-needed usage, two different causes but the same problem triggered) that are due to missing linking of -lpam and other libraries, as upstream uses _LDFLAGS to pass the libraries to link rather than using _LIBADD and _LDADD as proper.

The problem with fixing this latter, is that there are 39 makefiles that needs to be changed, and then hope that the patch from upstream CVS applies over the current sources, so that I can fix it in Portage. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to wait for a new tarball (no, I’m not going to port it once again).

Sigh, I hate being the only one handling that Pandora’s box 🙁

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