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New year’s proposals

So, 2006 is finished, and 2006 2.0 started… I hope it will be an enhancement version for me, because this year was pretty much disappointing when it came to my personal life, got myself messed up with someone I considered a friend, and was all but not a friend, and for this I also had to cut down a friendship that was just starting. What I’d save of 2006 is for sure the job/work life, that was not that bad, and let me afford to buy this new laptop, and a couple more things (thanks also to all the users who helped me by providing what I needed when I needed it most ad was out of budget 🙂 ). When it comes to Gentoo, the situation is messed up. it was, at the start, a real compliment to me to be chosen for the council, but as I said lately I think it’s just a way to stop people from doing anything good.

Anyway, I thought about it and these are my good proposals for next year, to try to improve my own life, and the experience that my users get from the packages I maintain:

  • I’ll try to document even more what I’m doing, how I do it and why I do it that way instead of another; I maintain that a good documentation is a sign that the development process is sane.
  • I’ll try to improve my ebuilds for user friendliness, so that they don’t require user intervention unless really needed;
  • I’ll try to make Gentoo/FreeBSD reach a production quality, without breaking it repeatedly to fix a library that moved (like for libedit);
  • I’ll try to ignore trolls, lamers and flamethrowers.

Of course, I’m also trying to get myself to do some promises to myself regarding my personal life, but this is probably the worst part of the year for me to do some auto-analysis, as it simply saddens me (although my nephew tonight was less scared by me, he even fell asleep while I was carrying him around, for once).

Anyway,now I’ll see to write something abut Gentoo/FreeBSD, as there are developments on Klothos work.

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