It’s not Gentoo-specific…

One thing that always surprised me is seeing people who think that some problems are Gentoo-specific, when they are clearly not, clearly for who has worked in some other project than Gentoo at least, and now we have some evidence about this.

I’m not thinking of bugs reported by our users on various bugzillas, but rather to social problems of the project itself. For instance the “poisonous people” talk, that I linked some time ago in #gentoo-dev, that applies perfectly well on our situation, was not written with Gentoo in mind, but rather Debian.

So what about the evidence I was talking about? Well, this morning I read this interesting post of Russell Coker, a Debian developer. It’s an interesting read to see that whatever we’re suffering by it’s not an exclusive of Gentoo itself. Russell, if you ever read this post, I can tell you that you’re not alone in that… here it’s happening more or less the same. Slightly different cases, but the outcome is the same.

Anyway, now I have some actual work to do… I try to stick with that.