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Holiday time

And again, it’s this time of the year… and I am blogging downstairs with my family, from my “mobile workstation” represented by Intrepid and Runabout (as I’m expecting some greetings SMS as every year in the last six or seven years).

I usually don’t stop working when the Christmas come, but this year I’m almost forced to, as my knee still hurts and this does not allow me to concentrate too much on what I’d like to do. I’ll probably still be working with SSH tonight though, as I still have to fix acl and attr to cross-compile, and tonight might be the proper night if I have nothing to do.

On more Gentooish notes, I’m waiting for Mike (vapier) to apply for me the libedit patches, so that I can prepare the new Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.2 stages, and officially deprecate 6.1 series and profile (which would then lead, in a month) to removal of freebsd-baselayout, as we would be using the unified baselayout 1.13 Roy prepared for us.

For what regard my smartphone, instead, I think I’m hitting a bug: my IMAP server is using a self-signed certificate (obviously), and thus it results invalid from both Apple’s Mail and the mail client in the E61; for the couple of times I use it from Apple’s Mail is not a problem but it is form the E61, thus I wanted to import the certificate to the list of the valid accepted ones… I found some documentation on the net, on a couple of forums, but it doesn’t work (the trick seemed to be to convert the certificate from a PEM-based certificate to a DER-based one using OpenSSL, and then send it to the device through OBEX-BT, or through mail, or by sending it after browsing the device, or finally downloading it through a webserver that correctly sends it out with the proper mimetype). None of the methods described online worked, and this is not just me as I seen other comments like this in blogs around the world; considering that other people actually had it working, I suppose the one thing I didn’t try is to update the phone’s firmware with latest Nokia release, but to do that I need a Windows box.

Anyway, for my new year I’ll try to get a little more life, but this I’m sure won’t stop my commitment to make Gentoo better 🙂

And finally, but not for importance, a huge thanks again to Tony 🙂

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