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Bad bad knee

This is just a quick and short entry (better it to be short as I’m writing it from the E61 that’s hardly convenient for long blogposts) to say that I won’t be around for a couple of days at least.. I fell on the stairs a couple of hours ago and now my knee is aching badly.

I’ve finally started working on a tool that implements a patching similar to elibtoolize but without the limits of storing the patches inside the same tree of the ebuilds; I called it autoepatch and it’s gonna make my life easier when I need KDE’s admindir to be fixed for autotools and other things like those..

Actually, I’ve been thinking of retiring at last, as soon as autoepatch is ready and documented.. I start not liking the environment around me anymore…

Edit: typing from a thumb keyboard is not that bad, but if you can’t see what you’re typing it might be a problem.. Typo’s interface is not ready for handhelds yet… I should probably either find or write a free blog client for E-series…

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  1. You don’t mean retire from Gentoo, do you?From what I understand the XMMS thing has been a lot of pressure on you but your loyal fans appreciate all your work.

  2. Sorry to hear you hurt you knee. Hope you didn’t tear anything!Ya, I wish people would just lay off the xmms thing. I did as you suggested and put audacious on and didn’t notice a difference. I’m sorry, but anyone still harping about that and wanting someone else to maintain it, besides themselves needs to get a life.Enough about that. Hope your knee is better soon.

  3. As a loyal fan of your work it is sad to read the last sentence. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people that appreciate your work that are a lot less vocal than people that complain.However seeing yours’ and other post on the XMMS issue is probably not the only reason. Sad to see such debates…

  4. I have to concur on the “big mass of silent fans” as well. If we have nothing to complain about, and are a happy bunch, what’s the reason to make a lot of racket about it? :)Seems silly probably, but that’s the truth of it.If you want encouragement/some idea of the truth of it, make a blog posts asking for encouragements to stay, or something silly like that :)If I had any money, I’d gladly have bought some of your books on the Amazon wishlist just to prove if, but I have a bank statement proving that I really *am* broke :PKeep up the good work, and don’t loose faith over some nimwits that don’t know squat about development but only knows how to complain!

  5. Thanks guys for the support, you really remind me why I always try *not* to consider the retirement solution :)Unfortunately, it’s not just the users complaining about XMMS, it’s also the development environment that’s becoming hostile in all its forms…

  6. Just adding my note of xmms – just ignore them. They can create an overlay, if they wish to continue to support hostility from some devs – just ignore them. Life is short enough as it is. The hostility comes from a very small minority, think of the majority who appreciate your substantial work.

  7. Are you talking about the constant flaming on the mailing lists? Or the huge structural overhead of not properly functioning committees in the Gentoo foundation? You are one of the most vocal developers (at least in the public view from and I don’t think gentoo can afford to lose the likes of you (I’m not saying that others are worse developers, there are a lot of really brilliant people around, some just don’t blog); it’s important for the users to have some kind of insight into the development and the “mood” of the developer crowd IMO.So if you only had 100 words to sum up what makes you wanna quit, what would you say?Well, I hope you will get better soon and thanks for all the great work (I always wanted to drop you a “thank you” note for re-enabling musicbrainz in Amarok but I always forgot, so I’ll add that one here ;)). Take a break, get the knee fixed. Have your mum or someone else make you a cake and watch cartoons for a whole day, that usually cheers me up.

  8. Please don’t leave, dude! Loads of us really appreciate the work you’re doing. I was once in a similar situation to yourself, a bunch of idiots ruining a cause I believed in, so, feeling outnumbered, I left the committee. Things have now just gone from bad to worse, and, as I’ve now discovered, even one dissenting voice amongst the madness can make all the difference.You seem one of the few sound and sane developers left, and the development you do for Gentoo and OSS is both invaluable and decent, so don’t leave us!Cheers mate,Mike

  9. They say the squeaky wheel get the grease. And some people seem to take that to heart and think that bitching about ‘stupid’ stuff will get the results they want. You just have to learn to ignore those people.Even if you did exactly like they wanted, they still wouldn’t be happy and would just move on to the next thing they felt like complaining about.Think of it like this: If you did what they wanted and you needed their help on something. Would they back you up or help you. Only if it suited them, otherwise they would leave you hanging out in the cold. Why? Because, they don’t care about you. It’s only about them. They are very selfish people. If you do what they want, when it doesn’t make sense, they will only be smuggly satisfied, then just move on to bitch about something else.Some people only want to ruin a good thing. That’s what they do, complain! You have more support than you know!If you feel like retiring, then fine. I won’t like it, but as long as it isn’t because of ‘them’, I can live with it.Don’t make us get on our knee’s and beg. No pun intended.

  10. I would be realy sad to see you retire, that would be a huge loss for gentoo and all it’s users.

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