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The good and the bad news about my phone

Seems like it was destiny that I didn’t write about this yesterday when I was considering doing so.

Yesterday I passed four different shops trying to find a MacBook Pro to buy, as my mother is using the iBook and I need a laptop to work. I wasn’t able to find one, although in the afternoon I was called by a person of the fourth shop who was able to find one in another of their shops ans thus I can get it Tuesday, which is soon enough (a friend of mine ordered the base version of the 15.4” at an Apple reseller and he’s waiting it for two weeks now). But at the third shop, annoyed by being unable to find it (how many people are there buying €2500 laptops during December?), I ended up buying a cheap USB Bluetooth Dongle (found at €16.90, rather than €29.90 I seen it before), to play with KMobileTools and to try writing an Amarok plugin for bluetooth media players, that are quite common here anyway).

So, I’ve worked last night with Marco (RockMan) to fix a few details in KMobileTools and tried today to find why it stuck when trying to access the mobile:/ kioslave.

Unfortunately, at some point after having took a few photos of my nephew, and then put the mobile on my desk, it broke. When after ten minutes I re-opened it, I found the display broken that wasn’t showing at all.

Now, luckily that’s the private number, which means my work won’t be a problem, and also means I’m not going to lose any important contact; it’s still troublesome for an Italian to be without cellphone.

I’ll see to bring it to a Motorola support centre and see to get it repaired or replaced, in the mean time I’m not sure what I’m going to do.. If they are going to take it away for a few months to be repaired, I might simply find a new one to buy and then leave this one to my mother too, but I don’t have so much money, the expense for the laptop is already killing my budget for the next months.

As much as I loved Motorola, if I change I’ll probably try something different, maybe Sony Ericcson this time around, although they seem to cost quite a bit more (and they risked to lose a customer to start with, as their homepage is heavily using Flash for country selection).

Suggestions are welcome, my requirements are: shell form factor, UMTS (needed for my provider, if they supported 2G phones I would have asked my sister to lend me her phone for a while), it would be nice if it played mp3 files (so that I could work on that Amarok plugin, I’m sure there would be people interested in that), and it would be really nice if it supported MicroSD/TransFlash cards so I didn’t buy this one for nothing 😐

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  1. I had a Sony Ericsson W810i for a couple of weeks. It seemed really nice: mp3 player, 2MP camera, etc. But I decided that I wanted something with a full QWERTY keyboard so I traded it in for a BlackBerry. If you do buy one, I’ve got a 2G Pro Duo card that now serves no purpose for me.Samsung BlackJack looked quite nice as well for a reasonable price.

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