Is it ALSA or HelLSA?

So, new kernel on the tree, gentoo-sources-2.6.19 is available for download, yes. And alsa-driver does not build, as 1.0.13 version is incompatible with the new kernel.

And while I already asked jcdutton about this, and said yes we’d get a new rc for ALSA when 2.6.19 will be released, there’s no version currently available to use for our tree.

For now users are forced to use –9999 ebuilds, that are live and thus unsupported, or use the code in the kernel, that seems not to be considered stable enough for a release candidate ….

I’m currently working against time to have a 1.0.14_pre20061130 to give you in the mean time, at least it will be a snapshot and not a live version, but I’m afraid it will be a hell to maintain once again.

Oh and of course hg (mercurial) segfaulted when I tried to update the sources to create the snapshot, on Enterprise. I did the clones with Farragut, but I didn’t like having it segfaulting.. really if you’re going to write an SCM in a scripting language for portability, just write it entirely that way, don’t mix it with C code and break stuff around in all the ways available. This reminds me why I use GIT.

And yes, tonight I was planning plenty of things to do, and all my plans are f*cked up by this ALSA thing… just because I’m again the only one maintaining it, just like PAM. I start to hate this loneliness..