XCB on FreeBSD: case closed!

No I’m not referring to the American title for Detective Conan (although in the past I used to misquote titles of episodes and animes for my blog titles), but just saying that finally a released libxcb works fine on FreeBSD (specifically, Gentoo/FreeBSD).

Today XCB 1.0 was released (and thanks to Donnie is already in portage – beside, thanks for getting the accent right :). This version works out of the box on FreeBSD, as it uses the new libpthread-stubs to get the stubs needed for it to run.

Now, Florent, I’d like to ask you the favour to double check what you post on comments: you got at least one contact from a FreeBSD derivative project, okay not for X11, but you were 🙂 And not always when tarballs are released by XOrg project they were already checked and fixed by Eric, like it happened for libxcb’s release candidates.

And yes, as you workaround a lot of issues from within ports, I’m mostly not contacting you, but instead trying to get it working out of the box, although that often is not as easy as one could hope (like now with Firefox).