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This week’s deadline

So, one of my job gave me a deadline for this week, the friend of mine I was working with is filled with work lately so he can’t get here to finish the user interface of the little webapp they need with me, so I need to finish all the scripts with raw HTML and then he’ll try to take the code out of them.

For this reason (but not limited to), I’ll be almost entirely unavailable for the week, which means I couldn’t take care of XMMS removal the 23rd, so I anticipated it to yesterday, after all, 48hours before is not a big deal. Yes, XMMS and the related packages are gone from portage, although there’s still one that’s missing in the series, but I’ll do it as soon as I have some tim efrom my work.

To complete the story of the Ultra5, after discarding the idea of net booting it, and of using two harddrives, one to boot and one to have the work done on, I’ve decided to follow the idea Weeve and Gustavoz gave me, and I’ve ordered a IDE-CF adaptor, at €7 from ebay, and a 256MB compact flash memory (€13 on Monclick), after all it wasn’t that much, and I can permit it myself.

Also, thanks to the anonymous (one or many not sure) who ordered from my wishlist, doubtful if the Italian postal service will be able to deliever them before my birthday but they are sure welcome 🙂

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