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Organising myself

I always was bad at organising myself, I used to have an Organiser and I always left it white, forgetting to update it when I had more things to do and so on, the only thing I always used to use pretty massively is the addressbook, not that I had much more than my school mates on it.

But when today I found I needed to look up GWN to find which packages I had to remove next, I decided that it might have been time for following Seemant’s suggestion, and I then created ToDo entries for them on my KOrganizer… I’ll try to keep it more updated now, adding the things I have to do, and the appointments I have (the rare occasions when I have them), maybe I’ll be able to make my life less messy.. I don’t count on it but it might be worth a try.

On another note, I have here another Windows laptop to cleanup and fix, I have to thank Symantec, their crappy software always gives me money. Every person I know using Windows has tried at least once Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security, and like a math function, after a week they installed it, they start having problems with the virtual memory… and here I come, to fix them, by removing that software from the systems.

Oh today thanks to Marco (lavish, one of the Italian moderators of the forum) I changed wallpaper style for my monitors, and then I’ve changed my colour scheme, and I changed Konversation to use non-monospace fonts for the chats, after all it’s been a while since I last seen some IRC ascii art and this font is more readable after a while, I also used the condensed font for the lists of channels and nicks, so they take less screen real estate.

And of course I’m already working on FreeBSD 6.2-RC1 building.

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  1. In the long run, todo entries just don’t work. You need to actually schedule times for things on a calendar or you will never to get to any of your todo’s.

  2. I use devtodo for organizing myself, i allways prefer console applications, and for todolists it is handy to add tasks with cronjobs.

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