The big harddisk D’OH!

Seems like my luck with harddisks lately is bad, does me right for buying Maxtor, I suppose. Today while building GCC on Klothos (the Ultra5), I hit some (many) bad blocks in the middle of it, which is kinda bad… I remembered smartmontools to report something about this before, but I remembered just 4 blocks being unreadable.. now it’s more like 40, which means the disk is degrading.

Unfortunately, all the spares I’m left with at home are the two SATA drives I didn’t put on Farragut, but while I do have a SATA PCI controller, and the Ultra5 has space for it, I’m told it won’t boot from that… so I’m stuck again waiting for some third hand parts to star the box up again, unless I use another box for netbooting.

Sigh, I was also going to test and keyword my usual stuff (zile, zsh, sudo, unieject I did already but for instance I didn’t try nopaste yet), waiting for the nullmodem cable to start trying to get the alignment bug in the kernel. Now I’ll have to wait for a while for that too.

I think I’m pretty depressed, I pass most of my days lately waiting for more specs and requirements from my employers, I’m trying to find something that’s both useful to others and relaxing for me, but that starts to be always harder… especially considering I still receive hatemail for XMMS removal (but nobody seem to consider the idea of doing anything constructive.. even upstream developers seems just to be a bunch of wankers, reading their comments… too bad they didn’t try to take over GTK+1 yet), and that I’m tired to hear comments like “you shouldn’t be that harsh about it” from fellow developers (who also did never volunteer to maintain the thing before). Things have been growing boring and bothering me lately, but I suppose that’s just a reflection of the whole XMMS thing, and that it will be better next week after the thing is eradicated from the tree altogether.

On the other hand, VLC 0.8.6_beta2 (upstream’s -test2a) is in portage, this time keyworded ~x86-fbsd too. The nsplugin thing has still to be reviewed, as the way it’s handled changed upstream, and my patch does not make much sense anymore, but I don’t feel like tampering with that at the moment.

I also finally added kdnssd-avahi to the tree, but that will require a re-keywording of kdelibs that will take a some time (I’m currently building the stuff on Prakesh for ~x86-fbsd keywording, if it works), so you might not expect its effect to apply that soon.

Sigh, I suppose I could use a little break, and a fresh start next week, maybe by changing something in my room… or I can try to change style for the windows and the wallpapers.. it’s two months I have NASA photos as wallpaper on the two screens.