My birthday is coming

No, I’m not saying that because I want gifts (although, if you really want, my wishlist has a few items on it — just joking, don’t take me seriously), but to update the situation about my personal birthday present, XMMS removal, that is.

Today we’re about at the middle of the month while XMMS is masked, and thus I decided to proceed with a second phase of the removal: the removal of useflags. I’ve removed all the xmms useflags from the packages, and the infopipe useflag from conky, so that no package should anymore depend on xmms directly, a part the masked ones. If you want to maintain an XMMS overlay, add the support for XMMS plugins like faad2 as a different ebuild, or we’ll start marking INVALID all the bugs reported by users with an xmms overlay in it.

For the people complaining about Amarok unable to play their ID3-tagged FLAC files, or OggFlac files, I’ve also put a new snapshot yesterday (let’s call it “Angel Release”, just because yesterday was the birthday of a friend of mine) that will solve those problems. It’s still masked, but as soon as Luca unleashes the latest FFmpeg, xine-lib-1.1.3_pre20061112 will follow.

Also, I wish to thank Alessio (X-Drum) who’s taking a look at sound bugs for the proaudio software.. I’ll be committing a few things today or tomorrow 🙂

Okay, now I might go look for something to eat, as I woke up late, and I haven’t had lunch yet.