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OggFlac support… done!

Just a quick note, before trying to relax myself a bit, or rather resume working on XCB to get the definite patch, that OggFlac support in xine (and thus in Amarok) is not done.

Well, not entirely, as I don’t load metadata, seekpoints or cuesheets, and the flac demuxer should be changed so to share the headers’ decoding functions, but that’s something for another moment, when I’m more relaxed and I feel better.

My next steps will be to finish to write the shared functions for decoding of FLAC headers, then find a way to get xine to play FLAC files that starts with an ID3 tag (although they shouldn’t be legal, they are still quite used and that makes a lot of noise “Amarok can’t play files that $some_other_player plays!”..

But first, let’s return to XCB 🙂

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