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Working on a few things

Let’s start by saying that at this very moment my throat hurts, badly, either caused by cold or by the smoke from my boiler (it’s still a wood-fed boiler), my foot also hurts a bit, because of the whole sunday passed with my good shoes on (should have taken the other ones I supposed), and I don’t want to get started on how my personal life is lately.

But I haven’t been taking naps all day, although I’d like to. First of all, since yesterday I got XCB and libX11/XCB working on Gentoo/FreeBSD. The patch is still to be polished before being merged, I’ll do so later on tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve also been working on xine’s FLAC support so to fix both the OggFlac problem and the refusal of FLAC files starting with an IDE3 block rather than the Streaminfo one (that are anyway invalid FLAC files, but that’s beside the point).

I have to say, I never thought a container format would be that messed up as Ogg… every stream type has its own headers, in the case of FLAC, it uses FLAC’s own metadata blocks. And FLAC is a masochist format for audio… It’s a lossless codec, so the size of the encoded files is usually not that low, but the metadata blocks tries to save a few bytes by not aligning the data structures to bytes.. I gone crazy trying to read a value of size 20 bits using bitfields or other similar approach, there’s no way: FLAC’s metadata blocks are not mappable against a machine-independent C structure, which makes parsing quite hard.

Anyway, I’ll try to complete these works as soon as I can, also because I need to return to my paid job as soon as I feel better.. and because when I cannot do something because of the feverish mood I’m in I start to be frustrated and depress myself… so if I’m not able to get something working soon, I’ll start screaming by rage 😛

On the bright side, John Palmieri announce D-Bus 1.0 release that hopefully will work out of the box on FreeBSD 🙂

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