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ProjectM is in portage

So, tonight I don’t feel that well, a series of problems in my personal life are making me overstressed; if I’m going to burn out, it won’t be for neither my job or Gentoo.

But, as I still think I owe my users something, I tried a little from my part even today, and I decided to add to portage ProjectM and the libvisual plugin, that was requested quite some time ago (the bug # is 87870! still 5 digits!), and that now has a little more importance, as the xmms visualisations cannot be used in Amarok anymore.

I’m not a huge fan of visualisations, actually I don’t like them at all and almost never use them, but I know there are users that are interested in them, so I try to do my part for that, even if sometimes I’m told to be too selfish and care only of the packages I use directly.

Anyway, I can say there are a few visualisations that are worth and that really takes the time from the music, but most of them seems to be just a fancy visual program that goes by itself.. it probably depends on which frequencies are used for the visualisation most likely, the music I listen to rarely have powerfull basses.

Also, I’ll be patching kdepim later today, to fix a mail loss in IMAP using Disconnected IMAP and to hide a KOrganizer entry in the Lost & Found menu… the latter won’t force a revbump of KOrganizer for the split ebuilds users, as I don’t deem it much of a bug enough to bump it. Thanks to tpowa from Arch Linux for noticing the latter and to telling me of the first 🙂

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  1. Thank you! I have long awaited projectm’s inclusion, and more of a focus on libvisual as opposed to xmms plugins.Hope you fell better dude, don’t push yourself into burnout.

  2. Thanks a lot man, I was waiting for projectM in portage for long time.Hope things get better, sorry to hear that.

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