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Temporary downtime

So today I had a temporary downtime on Farragut, I hope nobody noticed (well, I’m sure at least a friend of mine noticed).

The reason of the downtime is that I’ve bought two Seagate drives for Enterprise yesterday (Barracuda 7200.10) to solve the problem with the missing spare drives I got, and then moved the old Samsung ones to Farragut (with a PCI Promise controller I had taking dust here around).

Later on tonight I’ll be partitioning those drives, adding a mirrored /var where to store the pgsql database, and the typo code, and the website and basically everything I need to maintain a stable copy of.

Also, I’m probably going to resume my work on Gitarella.. I’m in that particular mood that makes me need to work on something else for a while, and as ruby is something that relax me, and working on ruby web applications might help me for one of my job projects, that is a natural selection.

And of course I’ll have to use most of my time for my paid jobs, as I really need the money now, especially consider that not-totally-planned expense for the disks, and the totally unplanned one for the Sun box.

At least I can have some fun, that is basically the only reason I can work on Gentoo all day long without burning out 🙂

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