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A new bunch of Gentoo/FreeBSD updates

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Yes I know this title is used and abused, but I don’t have any better thing to say about this entry 🙂

So first of all, I wish to thanks Roy once again for his ongoing effort with Gentoo/FreeBSD, and since he released Gentoo/FreeBSD/SPARC64 stages, but still is having troubles with the kernel modules loader, I’ve been thinking about trying to help.. although I never looked at FreeBSD kernel, and my general kernel experience is a bit rusty now. So, to sum it up, thanks to Davide Bettio, I’ve done my first order through ebay, an Ultra5, at €35, that should be enough for what I need to do, and the price is not that much (although I admit I should have saved those too.. it’s not a very good moment, even if it’s not a bad one either… but the temptation of trying to fix the kernel problem was too strong.. shoot, I want to learn to do something more useful than the useless stuff I usually do).

More to the point, an important update will happen today, tomorrow, or more exactly whenever I can get a hold of one of our mirror admins, I’ll be releasing stages 1 2 and 3 for Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.2_beta3, built properly with catalyst, and totally working as far as I can see. They are also shipping with the stripped libc finally, as it uses the latest portage available.

This means that more stabler release are near, even if we’ll need also a LiveCD before even thinking of a stable release.. but the important thing is that in less than two years a project that was almost dead resumed its course.

Oh and yes, for my personal life side, today I got the good news that I born in Venice, province of Padua (for who don’t know what I’m talking about, Venezia/Venice is here while Padova/Padua is there … they both are provinces, in particular Venice is the capital of the region too, so it makes no sense saying that Venice is in province of Padua… someone inserted the wrong data into the INPS database – kinda like US social security I suppose – so I wasn’t able to register automatically through their webapp…), but at least I signed the contract for my current job as a consultant, so I’m officially employed 🙂

P.S.: Jeffrey answered pretty soon to my ping, so now the stages are taking their way to the mirrors 🙂 Documentation will be updated soon after a bit of testing can be done over them (so we’ll eventually deprecate 6.1 stages/profiles).

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