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Updating to BETA3

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

So, today FreeBSD 6.2-BETA3 was released, and I started my usual time to bump the ebuild and fix the stuff that changed. Luckily this time the only changes were in the mk definitions (a slight change in and in the kernel’s source (an ntfs change to the GCC 4.1 patch, and two patches – created respectively by Javier and Alex – that were merged into the official sources).

The update was smooth and this is good, the kernel is now running fine and I didn’t find any particular problem. This is a good start, and this makes me glad I didn’t build the new stages yet, so I don’t have to restart the work from scratch, considering the time required to build them.

A particular thanks for this release goes to Patrick Lauer, as it’s thanks to him that I was able to actually fetch the sources for this release, repackage them and upload to the mirrors, as pitr is unreachable, so I used the gentooexperimental server.

Also, I’ve started a few frivolous keywording lately, which means multimedia stuff.. most notable keywordings being mplayer and audacious.. the latter thanks to being able to stream audio around through PulseAudio.. unfortunately Audacious crashes when it’s closed, and I’m not sure why, GDB does not seem to work correctly on Prakesh and I’m not sure why… I should try to take the binpkg from Farragut and see if that works.

For who’s wondering, I know a new version of bsdtar/libarchive was released but… it’s totally broken, so I won’t be adding it to portage, I hope for 2.0a2…

Oh, and I can ensure you, Seemant, you won’t turn back that easily 🙂

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