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I’m not disappearing…

… just saying for who was wondering why I wasn’t blogging lately, that I’ve been occupied with my real life… mostly work, as I now have two jobs to take care of, well, one is less timeconsuming than the other, but they are still two, an and thus I’m trying to use my free time to relax myself.. not like I have much of that free time.

A particular thanks to Robin by the way, who today shown me how I can avoid restarting this box if xine crashing upsets my via82xx soundcard and disallow me from hearing sound from hw:0 (and just allowing iec958 output): iecset audio on do the trick.

Right now I’m unfortunately rebuilding OpenOffice, as I need to read a proprietary XLS file that drives my KSpread crazy (really, why do I have it installed? I hardly ever used a spreadsheet in years how… I think last time I did it seriously it was for an electronic class…), which means that also my testing is not that easy 😉

But, I’ve managed to commit already the fixes for the new ICQ lock out to Kopete 3.5.5-r2 (and kdenetwork-3.5.5-r1), I hope it can help.

By the way, Linux Kernel Development by Robert Love is proving an interesting book, Love’s writing style is anything but obnoxious with technicalisms, and the way he does not enter the debate between Linux and GNU/Linux, or Free and Open Source, made me take a deep satisfactory breath (I was expecting a boring discussion about that in the first chapter of the book). Even if it wasn’t cheap, I feel I spent my money in a sane way this time.

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  1. I find “Linux Kernel Development” to be a really good complement to Tanenbaum’s “Operating Systems: Design and Implementation”. Because you see how things are done in RealWorld(TM) rather than in theory :)I’m actually using both for a couple of classes in university (namely Operating Systems and Operating Systems Design).- ferdy

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