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Another appeal for CJK improvements

I’m trying a new appeal looking for proxy maintainers. Thanks to Patrick, we’re finding more and more packages currently rotting down in ebuilds that don’t get updated, and sometimes not even bumped.

Unfortunately, I’m not good enough with Japanese (and I’ll leave alone other languages of which I don’t really know anything) so what I can do is just simple testing and looking if it seems to work fine. Zhang Le is already helping taking care of zhcon, but there is plenty of ebuilds that needs to be cleaned up and fixed. I’ve fixed ochusha a few minutes ago to install the desktop file in the right place, so that it appears on menus, but I can only find these things when I stumble across them.

So, once again, if you’re interested in helping Gentoo to support CJK packages, please contact me or the CJK team.. if you’re maintaining locally or in an overlay a particular ebuild because the one in portage is outdated or broken, open a bug for it and state clearly that you’d like to be the proxied maintainer for that, and I’ll look into it.

I’ll be trying to run an announce on GWN about this too, let’s hope I can find enough people to help with this 😉

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  1. So… what packages are “left behind” anyways?I don’t recall you mentioning that in the previous post.

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