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A possible trick with kbuildsycoca and KDE

This is almost on the ricer side, this trick is experimental, I haven’t tested it enough yet, please don’t report bugs while using this trick, at least not to KDE bugzilla, and please note if you’re using or have ever used this trick if you open bugs on our bugzilla.

As you might have noticed, for a while now we run the kbuildsycoca command every time a KDE package is installed, trying to fix the requirement for people to run it manually when stuff like Amarok was being updated.

There’s then a quite interesting thing you can do now, and it is to disable the local kbuildsycoca for users, so that’s not launched every time you start KDE, and every application just use the global database.

To do that, go to Control Center, then KDE Components, KDE Performance and System, then disable the only checkbox.

It might not work as intended, but it seems to work fine on two boxes here, but as I said, it’s still mostly untested… I’d be happy to get some testing about that đŸ™‚

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  1. Hmm, I’m using Amarok on Gnome without the other KDE packages. I guess this doesn’t apply to me, eh?

  2. For K3b and Amarok running of gnome, you don’t need this.. you already are getting the improvement of the global sycoca database đŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the tip. Startup seems to be faster and no problems to be expected from it either. Nice.

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