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No more envelopes!

And finally the job is complete! Tomorrow I’ll probably pass reading Gibson’s Neuromancer to relax, as I’m the tiredness personified.

Now, after having to take a forced break yesterday to fix a nasty KDE regression with KSpell2 (you know, zander, ranting won’t bring you anywhere…), I’m working on the next ebuild for Amarok, 1.4.4.

With this version, there is a partial Karma device support (as I wrote here); but I didn’t get much requests, and no devs seem to have a Rio Karma device (as far as I remember).. if you’re interested in this, we might be able to come up with a proxied maintainership, for the whole Karma support of course.

I’ll be adding an mtp useflag, at least experimentally, as the support should now be improved, and there seems to be always more devices supported by that protocol… libmtp itself seems to be fine on FreeBSD, although it needs build fixes I didn’t prepare yet, and I cannot test it at all (not having a MTP device). I just hope nothing will break, if it will, I’ll just remove the flag.

Also, now that 1.4.3-r1 is stable everywhere, I’ll be removing 1.4.1, and 1.3.8 soon, this means that there won’t be anymore an Amarok that won’t depend on Ruby, and that there won’t be exscalibar anymore (in fact I’ll be asking Hanno to send a last rites as soon as Amarok 1.4.1 will be out of the tree). Yes, I know it could have been better if I got moodbar in the tree first, but I didn’t get too many requests, and I’m still not keen on merging GStreamer at the moment.

Remaining on topic of media players, I’d like to thank nenolod from Audacious team for the help diverting the flames and hatemails about XMMS removal (and thanks Mike for the NiceMail 🙂 I was really happy to receive it, just hadn’t had time to reply you yet because of the job). You never know, maybe one day we’ll have an Audacious engine for Amarok…

And about the devbox I talked about in the past days, seems like we might have an ace up our sleeves to get something, so that I don’t really have to find an extra job to find one 🙂 If that’s the case, I’ll use some of my current job’s money to buy a couple of extra disks, for enterprise, and move the current ones to farragut so that I can get better performance out of it… but I’ll be waiting for that too, because I don’t have much money and I need to decide if I want some 250G drives, or instead faster drives.

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  1. I said farewell to xmms, it served me well but I guess it had to go. I discovered that vlc does almost everything that I needed xmms for (xmms had shorten playback which I see should be comming soon from ffmpeg) and it does it better.As for zanter did he notice that the versions of kde and koffice he is talking about are not in stable? That is to say if you touch it don’t complain unless you ready to help fix it? I think you should have pointed that in your answer.

  2. Cheers for the shoutout, and don’t worry about not replying.Keep up the good work!

  3. To make users (and me) happy I’ve added moodbar to the tree.Oh, and you’re my hero for removing xmms 😉

  4. Diego,i never, NEVER had problems with using xmms.I only have problems, since _you_: “decided” to kick xmms from portage.What an arrogance.

  5. “Works for me, works for everyone on this planet”.Yes, that is *not* arrogance, eh?

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