It’s funny when …

… someone who should know English better than me tries to change the meaning of a phrase. I was reported that ciaranm considered my post a direct attack but seems like either my knowledge of English is so poor that I said a different thing than I meant, or he’s trying again to make me pass for a fool changing what I said.

In my post you can find the following phrase:

Seems like many people get a strange idea by reading mailing list, **mostly because of Ciaran’s claims that happens pretty often**, that if you’re upstream of a given software you cannot be downstream (as in ebuild maintainer), because you “remove a layer of QA”.

the bold is added now.

At this point, did I ever said that Ciaran said that you cannot be both downstream and upstream maintainer? No I didn’t. I just said that people get that as a strange idea. I think Alexis (aballier) can confirm, as he’s one of the people who had this idea (we talked in #gentoo-media about him taking care of XdTV as I cannot do that myself anymore, and he being not sure because he’s also part of upstream). I had similar discussions with other friends of mine, more interested on the idea itself rather than the actual application of it (as they aren’t Gentoo developers nor upstream developers), but that’s about it. I just wanted to say what I thought about it.

But he tried once again to change my words so that I look an idiot and an asshole… I think the only thing he’s going to do now is looking himself more like a moron.

Funny thing that he’s also aggregated in Gentooish channels, when he seems only to despise anything going on in Gentoo if it’s not done by his protegés..

Ciaran, I used to think you just had bad social skills but good technical skills.. but you’re just making a fool out of yourself lately, please start to consider more appropriate hobbies.. fishing, woodwork, killing ants with a stick…