My personal birthday present…

… will be finally getting rid of XMMS. Last night I’ve masked it, as Luis wants to leave us 🙁

Once again the problem is that XMMS has no maintainer, has no upstream, it’s bugged like hell, and it’s an old piece of crap right now. If you still are using XMMS, you should consider modern alternatives like Audacious, Amarok, BMPx, MPD, Rythmbox, and XMMS2 that will enter portage sooner or later.

With XMMS, also all the plugins will go away, and all the software that depends on xmms. The xmms useflag is now use.masked too so if you run a -NuavD world you’ll see some packages needing a rebuild for the removed useflag.

This time there won’t be way to save XMMS, because we’re really sticking to a software that is dead and should remain dead. If you don’t think any of the current players suits your need but XMMS, you probably need either to write your own, or fix the problems in the ones currently used.

No, I’m not trying to “break Gentoo”, I’m trying to remove unmaintained, broken stuff that will not be maintained by any developer. And no, I’m not going to move it to an overlay as Luis planned, as I don’t trust having unmaintained stuff in “official” overlays.

Edit: for those wondering, my birthday is not now, it’s November 28th, which means around the date when XMMS is going to be cvs rm -f’d out 🙂