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Prakesh building

So, I finally was able to get Prakesh online and working. I’ve given up with the software raid, and the NFS issue was related with the latest FreeSBIE version.

Yesterday I built out of the stage, with sandbox enabled, and now I’m working on getting a testable system. Xorg and X11VNC are merged, now I’m building kdebase-meta to have a basic environment to work with.

This is for the good news, the bad news are that it’s a Duron 1300 which is actually slower than my old Athlon 1000, even with 1.5 times the ram.
This means longer times to build the new stages and for testing, which is a regression.

Unfortunately I don’t have (yet) the money to build a new box, and I don’t want to ask for donations (although they are well accepted). Other than that, I’m not sure what to buy either. I would be going for AMD64 again, so I’d probably choose an AM2, but then I need a PCI-Express graphic card, and I’m not sure how well supported they are….

Anyway, this is probably a topic I’ll have to take care of only in a fwe months now, maybe after a couple of works I’ll be more ready to spend money for that box.

In the mean time, crossdev will have to do. And talking about this, I should send to Mike a patch to make it detect the freebsd-lib version to use based on the given target (like i686-gentoo-freebsd6.1 will use freebsd-lib-6.1*, and i686-gentoo-freebsd6.2 will use freebsd-lib-6.2*).

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  1. So, what’s keeping you from ripping of that Duron and plugging in some nice Barton or somesuch in the board ?

  2. Mostly that they seem to cost more on the second hand market than a new AMD64 😛

  3. Now that you mentioned it, I have a couple of Athlon XP boxes laying around.Basically I have bought a couple of solid boards and CPU right before they have been obsoleted, assembled a few almost identical boxes, built Gentoo for one of them and clened it for the others.If you want, I can plug them in into network and give you ssh access, so you can use them as an compile farm etc…

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