Too many overlays will bring us down

So, a part closing envelopes, last night and today I’m working to fix as many bug as I can with the time I’m given, as I want ot use the time I have before starting new jobs as much as I can for Gentoo, in the case I won’t have enough time later (although I hope to still have some afterward).

Today I’ll be working on patching a some software for FLAC 1.1.3 support, thanks to Josh Coalson (FLAC upstream) who has provided already three patches: kdemultimedia, k3b and vorbis-tools. Last night instead, as I had the chroot on pitr still opened, I decided to spend more time testing and fixing the bugs for CJK that Patrick reported through his tinderbox effort.

The result is that I’ve dedicated also this morning to fixing CJK bugs.. considering my Japanese is waaay limited, and I decided to help the herd just because I had free time, they missed manpower, and I had a few changes to merge, being able to fix stuff there is something that makes me feel a bit better toward my involvement. Unfortunately as I said I can’t really use most of the software there, and this disallow me from trying it too 🙁

It’s sad to see so little people involved lately 🙁 Most of the CJK packages are unmaintained.. I fixed cannadic eclass and the canna packages not to have a canna useflag, but this does not entirely help… I’ve been told there’s a gentoo-china overlay, but I cannot find it in layman and I don’t remember seeing much things from that in bugzilla…

Then it comes the news from the sound herd. ReZound is masked and pending removal next month, if nobody steps up to maintain it. The problem is that currently, under the sound herd you can find desktop multimedia applications like Amarok and Audacious, libraries mostly used by video software like a52dec and libdts, and professional audio software like Audacity and ReZound. In the past there were also ALSA drivers and packages, they are now instead on their own herd, which means that if you look up alsa-driver you get a more truthful response (me and phreak being the ones handling its bugs) rather than the whole sound herd… for professional audio software there is almost nobody taking care of it lately, especially now that kito is being retired.

And then, I’m told by lavish on #gentoo-it that there’s a proaudio overlay . Why fraction this way the efforts? Why instead of creating an overlay they cannot become official developers? 😐

I’ll try to write an appeal for the next GWN, trying to get more people involved with professional audio software in Portage, and maybe something for CJK could help. The problem is to establish at least some kind of trust relationship, so that the packages can be proxy maintained… I don’t know a thing about pro audio software, but I know quite enough of ebuild development for handling a proxy maintainership I suppose 😉

Anyway, if you’re interested, feel free to drop me a line, I’ll try to answer as soon as I can!