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Last night I was able to sleep… maybe a bit late, but I fell on the bed for tiredness. Anyone who tried before to prepare envelopes for sending will know how much tiresome it is… mostly, it’s because it’s repetitive. Today instead the day started bad, as the Samsung laser printer I’m given to print the receipt cards started to behave in a silly way for a while.. luckily the second set of cards started to behave decently and didn’t get me lose too much of the time I spent on this job.

Now, on the FLAC upgrade path, I’ll be talking with upstream about this soon, and in the mean time I’ll have to finish the rest of the packages to check and mark the dependencies. Unfortunately the K3B patches fails for me, and I’m not sure why, nor upstream is.

Fortunately today I feel happy enough, as an article of mine, about CASE tools, was published on the Italian edition of Linux Journal (see here until the next month issue is published). I feel quite satisfied for that, as it’s my first article in Italian that I try to get published, and it was right away without even a request to change, in its integrity and in the centre fold too, yuhuu! 🙂

The important paid job instead should start soon, but I still haven’t had any information about the contract… which is kinda bad. I just hope they are late (as usual).

And a new ALSA is going to be marked stable now, 1.0.13, but beware! There are some changes to configuration files that might be rewritten because they did change something in the parsing for instance.

Okay now I have to hurry up that the receipt cards of this kind are almost finished and I need to try if the new kind works without changing the page layout.. sigh.

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