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Third strike, I’m out for a while…

Seems like Prakesh is not starting its service in the best of ways. As also the second setup, suggested by Javier, failed to work (boot0 refused to find the correct partition to boot from), I’m now at the same starting point.

Supposing a problem with geom modules loading, I spent the night trying to get a custom kernel to build, but for some reasons it tried to re-symlink files that were already symlinked, failing badly.. not sure why, but then I simply gave up and decided to go with a more normal setup, without geom, stripes or anything, just / and /var/tmp on two different disks, so that I can have the catalyst stuff in a separate disk too.

And now, after two install tries that worked more or less fine (from the emerge -e world point at least) …. NFS does not work anymore! Prakesh is able to mount the filesystems exported by enterprise, but as soon as I try to run an ls on them I get a “bad file descriptor” error.

I’ve already tried restarting FreeSBIE, and even the nfs daemon on Enterprise… the next I’ll be restarting enterprise altogether, but I’m pretty clueless about why that’s happening …

Sigh, this is not my week for sure, but I’m afraid it will become not my year, continuing this way.

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