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About the arts/kdelibs patch …

Seems like that both the patch in genkdesvn and the one in KDE bug #99246 are not enough to get KNotify working with aRTs disabled. The reason is simple: as soon as I looked at the code I found that the knotify directory was disabled on its whole as soon as arts was disabled, which means that everybody who used that patch to get KNotify without arts enabled was not getting KNotify at all.

This is a pretty common problem, you cannot trust community-contributed patches unless you try them correctly, and just checking if they build does not help at all. People should probably just start looking at what they do rather than thinking the patches you find around are good.

Anyway, I’m not giving up and I hope to be able to commit kdelibs-3.5.5-r3 tomorrow, even if my day for tomorrow is pretty full (or at least the afternoon: haircut finally and then council meeting in the evening). I’ll also be completing the rest of the emerge of world soon, and I’m still debating with myself about trying the new hash style again, with the patched binutils to avoid the 2MB waste of space.

While doing this build, I also had time to fix a few issues here and there, mostly missing autotools dependencies, or actually missing autotools forcing (better to force latest than requiring older versions, at least users won’t need to merge extra versions).

The build on Prakesh is still going, probably tonight I won’t go to sleep until I get it up and running, which means I might not go to sleep till 6am with this pace.. my body asks me to sleep, but my mind fears the dark and the thoughts that come up in existence in it…

By the way, I forgot my kudos for Roy for the work on Gentoo/FreeBSD/SPARC64.. not sure if you’ve seen it, but on Packages now you actually can see the ebuilds marked as ~sparc-fbsd. And thanks to Mike who’s also helping getting the patches merged to binutils upstream while we go. Now I’d like to hear again who said that we were just hindering FreeBSD developers by creating Gentoo/FreeBSD 😉

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