Let’s rebuild the world

I’ve just launched an emerge -e world. Why? Because of the binutils bug I found earlier today, that brought me to downgrade binutils… and now all the libraries built with the newer version results unreadable by the older version:

flame@enterprise ~ % strip `which kopete`
strip: /usr/kde/3.5/bin/kopete: File format not recognized

lovely, isn’t it?

So I’ll be rebuilding the whole system here on defiant, which will take a couple of days to a minimum, and I won’t be able to do much more than that for now. But I want to give an hint of what I’m going to do as soon as this system is back up: I’m going to clean up the mess of aRTs… not sure if I’m going to patch kdelibs to allow KNotify to work without arts (the patch I found on genkdesvn is broken!), but I’ll be removing the arts useflag on packages that don’t have any use for it.

After that I’ll probably be also looking for kdnssd_avahi package, as I’d like to improve the general KDE desktop on Gentoo, up to now we remained as vanilla as possible, if we exclude the KPDF patch to use Poppler that I’ve applied to avoid security bumping it every two weeks, but the result is that too many users use overlays that ends up being a burden to support… I’d rather increase slightly the general changes and try to have more similar setups among our users. It’s also useful to avoid broken patches like the one I’ve found on genkdesvn, and others in the past.

Anyway, Now I’m off to rebuild.

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