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That was a bad night

So last night I gone having a party for the fourth year of the site of a group of friends of mine (and me too). Unfortunately in the group there’s also someone who used to be my best friend, but now I cannot see him without having an impellent need to punch him straight in the face.

Yes, there is also a problem of girls, or rather girl, in the reasons that cause this disruptive relationship between me and this ex-friend, but it’s not just that, and last night I reached my apex of my toleration.

The result is that last night was way worse than it could have been if there wasn’t that particular person around, and way better than it was doomed to be if it wasn’t for another friend of mine, that allowed me to go away before the end of the night itself.

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  1. Go kill something. Live or virtual. Always worked for me :)Now to get those blood stains off…

  2. There is simply no point to coming to blows over relationships (romantic or otherwise).Sure you can’t stand being in the same room as him at the moment – but both of you should live and let live – and also realize that love is not finite. I have a great many friends that have ‘nonmonogomous nonpartnership’ relationships, where everybody realizes that sharing feelings (why jealousy, why concern, why lust)

  3. Was it just about that, the problem wouldn’t have started at all, as I was more than glad to leave the scene already, and he knew that.The problem is his behaviour toward me that’s far from friendly, he tried to trick me, and that makes the situation way more unstable from my side.

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