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My new addiction

I’m not the gamer type, last commercial videogame I played was Throne of Darkness, and I wasn’t even able to finish it. I used to be an Ultima OnLine junkie at the time (when I was also a GameMaster and unofficial admin of an “unofficial shard”), but there are some little games I like to play at when I have free time and I want to relax. Not like this happens often.. not the will to relax of course, but the free time.

I used to have periods while I played PuyoPuyo all my free time, or Angry Drunken Dwarves. I spent August playing to SuperTux (that I was actually able to finish!), and now I have this addiction to Foobillard.

I used to start knowing (and liking) pool (8 ball) when a couple of friends of mine started to play on Yahoo! games and invited me. I played it in real-life only a couple of times, and I always lost, but I enjoyed it (and I’d like to play again as soon as I have the opportunity).

As lately I’ve been watching Voyager, the games on the HoloDeck reminded me it was a while since I last played. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find someone to play with on Yahoo!, and none of my friends have currently time for a real-life game, so I had to limit myself to play with the AI (that in the case of foobillard can be unbeatable unless you pass the aierr option).

It’s worth a note that when I tried playing foobillard the first time, I ended up fighting with a freetype problem.. ended up being the current 2.4 version of freetype not compatible with foobillard.. I have a patched version in my overlay to be able to play, and a bug is open for this. The problem is that trying to use Carambol mode make it crash anyway inside FreeType functions 🙁

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  1. Actually, my present addiction is Gtetrinet. Playing TetriNet was a great addiction for me back in 1995-1996 during my first times on IRC… well I discovered it again, and now my free time is Tetris time indeed 🙂

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