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Little annoyances

Now that KDE 3.5.5 is done and ready, I was thinking of some little annoyances that I’m having and that I’d like to get rid of as soon as I can, for my mental sanity mostly.

The first of them was the Doxygen support in Emacs through doxymacs. after two weeks waiting for tempo’s homepage to come back up, I’ve found that it is already present in Emacs, just like W3 is for the CVS version, so I didn’t need to bother with that.
Unfortunately it still does not work as expected: while it highlight as intended comments in Qt style (/*! */), it does not work as expected for JavaDoc-style comments (/** */) that are widely used, more than Qt style for sure. I’m not sure why this, and how to solve it 🙁

Another annoyance for me comes from mailing lists like LKML, that are so big I cannot really follow them entirely, and that ends up overwhelming me. I used to follow such mailing lists with FreeAgent when I used Windows (back in the days), but I haven’t found a good alternative for it… KNode sucks too much, as it does not resemble KMail in any way on the interface, it does not support the same way of signing/verifying the email, and it does not goes into try “waiting”…

As KMail seems to have fixed the issue with ignored threads not getting set as read already in IMAP, I’m reconsidering using KMail (with a specially created mailbox). The problem is that it’s slow to purge old messages, I’d need a way to clean them up, and mark the old as read, directly on the IMAP server, or on the maildirs themselves.

Oh well, I suppose I can leave with some quirks myself, especially considering that’s for my job 😛

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