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And… released

So, KDE 3.5.5 was finally released upstream, I’ve put the tarballs ready to be uploaded to mirrors on distfiles, and they’ll be soon ready on RSync mirrors. But of course this wasn’t quick enough for my ricer users… oh, how much I hate them… Yes I know this is harsh, but it’s how I feel after receiving a bump bug for Kopete before the RSS feed of KDE even updated for the new version release…

Now to state it clear, there won’t be any net-im/kopete-0.12.3 as upstream is not going to release it on its own, instead what you want now is to go back to kde-base/kopete as 3.5.5 is the new version. I update the ebuild not to lose the features that kopete-0.12.3 had, so you shouldn’t be hit any trouble migrating between one and the other.

I’ll be removing kopete-0.12.2 sooner or later, as it wasn’t ever marked stable and so it won’t be needed for the new version to be marked stabled either.

Sigh, if only I was being paid every time I got asked for when KDE 3.5.5 was going to be released, or I heard ricers trying to get KDE 3.5.5 before the release, at this time I’d have three more AM2 boxes 😛

Oh and yes, so that the fool ricers knows, if you had to change the digest of kdebase and kdelibs, you’re running with a broken KDE; don’t dare opening bugs before rebuilding KDE.

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  1. Don’t worry. There’s still people like me who appreciate a lot the work that people like you do.Continue good job and thanks for this “fffffaaaasssttt” release

  2. hi thereany chance pykde will compile using recent sip and PyQt versions?we currently have to mask those:>=dev-python/sip-4.3.1>=dev-python/PyQt-3.15.1thanks!

  3. Now to state it clear, there won’t be any net-im/kopete-0.12.3 as upstream is not going to release it on its own,This is not quite correct. Kopete developers do plan to release a kopete 0.12.3 package.

  4. Does not seem certain to me, as even Thiago said there won’t be one. Anyway it’s pretty pointless to have two identical copies of the same software.

  5. It’s not necessarily pointless, because people might want to run the latest Kopete without having to move to an unstable KDE. If Kopete 0.12.3 is released standalone, then we should be able to install it standalone.And as I pointed out in… it can be highly desirable to use the latest version of your IM client.Alternatively we could modify the kde-base/kopete-3.5.5 ebuild so it doesn’t depend on the 3.5.5 version of KDE.

  6. I am using “kde-base/kopete-3.5.5” with an otherwise stable build of KDE without problem.

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