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More problems for defiant

Seems like the harddisk is not the only problem on Defiant, also the CPU fan is giving up, and being the box a Athlon Thunderbird 1GHz, this is really bad.

I’m hoping to clean it up in the next days, and restart working, but I’m not really counting on it, not right now :/

Now, this is really an unfortunate timing, because the catalyst work was as its apex, just needed to fix the latest problems, and the stage would have been done, and because in this moment, I cannot really take out the money to buy a whole new box; I could have availability for a new spare drive, but not enough for a new box.

An easy count shows me that I need at least €1000 to buy new hardware to update my workstation and then move my workstation as new Gentoo/FreeBSD working box.

I just hope to get Defiant working for at least a month or two, or I’ll have go put my Gentoo/FreeBSD work on hiatus 🙁

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