Give to Caesar what’s Caesar’s

Not sure if such a phrase is used in English, but it’s used in Italy to say that you have to state the things how they actually are, so it’s good for a title to me.

Stefan, I’m not happy myself with the outcome of the problem with Ciaran’s DevManual. To be honest, I would have preferred the problem followed the proper channels for escalating, via the QA project to either devrel or userrel (depending on what you prefer to think the problem of), without a direct intervention of the Council.

But when you say

A 2-minute change you think? Not for Gentoo – In Gentoo everything is more complicated. A quick council decision resulted in putting the page out of action hurting the whole community and now it is on the long queue of things for the infrastructure team to do. Some hope that it will be a matter of days to get it back.

(emphasis is mine), you’re misrepresenting what happened.

Council didn’t decide anything on the matter, although we were considering putting temporarily offline the devmanual till the problem was fixed. The decision to take the host offline was instead taken by Kurt, who acted immediately when he knew of the license issue.

I’m not blaming Kurt here, as he probably acted in the best interests of the project he’s part of (Infrastructure), although better coordination would have probably helped all the developers and users, too.