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Catartic moment

Taking the title out of one of my preferred Italian comedians, and no, it’s not also a politic (those are all comedians), Flavio Oreglio.

So, today I’ve been working on the new stages for Gentoo/FreeBSD, in particular I’ve been trying to get Catalyst to build something usable. Luckily, for the stage building I didn’t actually have to change much up to now…

The UnionFS problem I’ve faced before, I shouldn’t have faced at all, as it was mount_nullfs that I should have used, as it’s mount –bind that I needed to replace. And anyway the patch for UnionFS does not apply clean on 6.2_beta2. Other than that, /dev has to be mounted directly (or it won’t work bound on FreeBSD), and catalyst worked fine. Well, a part the cleanup that needs to reset flags before being able to clean stuff up.

Now I’m building the actual stage, 8 of 58, although I know there are a few things that I’d need to fix before the sys-freebsd ebuilds are ready to work with Catalyst. A few build useflags, too.

On another note, I’m now just waiting to commit a few ebuilds with regenerated digest for KDE 3.5.5 pre-release, as kdebase, kdelibs and (seems) kdeeedu were changed since my original commit. It will take me another hour to get them on CVS, but then, I still have to wait till the CVS actually comes up again 😉

At least Gentoo lately (a part the various flames on gentoo-dev and #gentoo-dev) is being satisfying for me 🙂 Gentoo/FreeBSD is proceeding well, KDE support seems to be cleaned up quite a bit lately, and in the last months xine is so clean that I hardly get any work about it in Gentoo at all. For sure, this is better than my current personal family life 😛

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