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pam_userdb in the tree

Seems like in the last months I started adding way more packages to the tree than I used to in the past: first the PulseAudio suite, then the mikachan fonts lately, and now sys-auth/pam_userdb.

In truth, this is not exactly a new module, but just an ebuild that comes from sys-libs/pam, and basically it’s the infamous berkdb support I’ve talked of yesterday.

Anyway, I was finally able to cleanup the Linux-PAM ebuild so that it’s not that unreadable, but still retaining most of the improvements done by Martin before he gone away again (a part the Fedora patches, that I don’t really want to apply unless we really need them).

The pam_userdb module is now on its own ebuild, and builds berkdb on its own. The bumping of it should be pretty straightforward, but I don’t think I’ll be bumping it myself. Instead sys-libs/pam can be easily bumped without considering the BerkDB issue anymore 🙂

Now, I just need to find enough time (and motivation) to cleanup the two different berkdb patches applied by the two ebuilds, so that they can be sent upstream and merged there…

Tell me again, why am I doing this?

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  1. as for my first comment to your lots of Gentoo Planet entries, I want to tell you are a passionate doing great work for better system which use and promote between my friends. I think that beside of lacking time and motivation you can’t stop that, cause that become a part of your daily shedule, hobby shedule?Thanks again for the work with all parts of gentoo you take part in especially Amarok.Good job Diego 🙂

  2. You’re doing it because Gentoo wouldn’t survive without people like you.Let’s hope that your work inspires other people to contribute to Gentoo. Reading all the stuff about the state of it, I recently wrote two patches. Sad fact – both are merged upstream but not in Gentoo yet… (digiKam –as-needed and libgpod compile without USE=gtk). Gentoo really needs more developers and no, I’ve only time to try creating a patch for the occassional problems I hit myself.;-)

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