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The long run has started …

It’s again the bad time of the year. No it’s not yet my birthday, it’s just another release of KDE (3.5.5).

As usual, the pre-release won’t be available for Gentoo users, you are not supposed to find a way to use it as we might change the ebuild without warning. Until the ebuilds are in package.mask, they are considered in flux.

Actually, the long run started last night, when I moved the tarballs from the KTown server to Pitr, to run the ebuild generation script. So thanks again to the AMD64 Arch team for allowing me to use Pitr, as it has a bit more bandwidth than I have 🙂 The ebuilds were ready during the night, but of course I had to download all of KDE data locally to be able to digest them. Now I’m building kdelibs, and it will take a bit before I can actually start the rest of KDE emerge.

I love Unix shells’ oneliners, because there are a lot of passages to do, to add the new ebuilds to cvs, to digest them, to commit them, without oneliners, I’d be really screwed 🙂

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  1. Ciao,Can you please tell me if this version of KDE should (possibliy) be in stable branch or still in testing branch.Thanks a lot for your amazing job.;)

  2. It will still be ~arch for a while. 3.5.4 is supposed to be stabled sometime soon.

  3. I noticed that even when I commented out the entries in package.mask, the mirrors didn’t seem to know anything about 3.5.5. Do you have any idea when it will be available for us *brave* users to try out?There’s a bug fixed in 3.5.5 that’s been driving me nuts.Thanks in advance for any help…

  4. Well, if it is masked, it is *because* it’s not available on mirrors. You’ll see it unmasked as soon as it’s available.

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