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Sound fixing….

So, trying to make good use of the time I’m left before the new job will start, I’ve decided to fix a few things here and there, and tonight seems like sound herd was my target 🙂

The good news is that I’ve recently absorbed media-libs/libao inside sound herd proper, as Spider is being away for a while now, and didn’t answer my last mail when I asked for changing a thing around for pulseaudio; as his last commit in libao ChangeLog results on March 26th, 2004 I’ve simply removed him from metadata (there also were two bugs open assigned to him).

So, after taking back libao, I’ve decided to fix the two open bugs, and to take care of the puleaudio useflag for libao too. The result is that libao 0.8.6-r3 will merge automatically libao-pulse when you ask for pulseaudio support (it’s a postdepend of course).

Yesterday I also cleaned up ALSA 1.0.13 release candidates from the tree, leaving only the final versions between 1.0.10 and 1.0.13 for almost all packages (alsa-jack is now moved in alsa-plugins). I was also finally able to remove the obsolete 1.0.9a version from alsa-utils, that now results cleaned up. I still need ia64 and alpha to catch up with the rest of the arches though, because at the moment they are lagging behind and forcing me to leave 1.0.10 in tree still.

Now I’m passing through the bugs for Sound team cleaning up the ones that can be closed, fixing the simple ones, and trying to rename stable/testing/ebuild/bump requests so that it’s easy to get rid of them in a saved query.

Now, a little update on Amarok’s MTP situation. I got two mails yesterday asking about that. I got a few people to test MTP for me, and I got both working and non-working reports. The problem is that if there are many non-working reports, it means something isn’t completely finished, and the result is that I cannot add the mtp useflag just yet.

Testing of that support is appreciated, as well as feedback, but unless someone can actually start taking care of MTP support in Amarok, it’s unlikely that I’ll be adding an mtp useflag. I might decide to ask for an adopt-a-dev for a MTP/PlaysForSure device, so that I can test it first hand, but I’m not really sure yet.

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