Should be careful…

… when I decide to name a package in a post of mine 🙂
When I named mikachan font in my post about xine’s fontconfig support, Jason pointed me to a post of his, where he describes some problems with the recent version of mikachan-font.

After a day half-sleeping and half thinking of how to solve this problem, my solution is designed: if nobody complain about this in a couple of days, I’ll split out mikachan-font in three different packages, one per format mikachan is available in, so that who needs the TrueType non-Collection format can simply merge mikachan-font-ttf and be done with that.

Why three? Well, there’s the TrueType standard format (-ttf), the TrueType Collection format (-ttc) that is not supported by PHP’s GD it seems, and the OpenType format (-otf) that seems well supported by FreeType 2 (at least 2.2) and renders better than the TrueType version, at least here.

Right now I’m waiting for comments form the rest of the CJK team, in the mean time the three packages can be found on my overlay. Comments, bug reports (directly to me for now) and shouts are welcome.

Oh by the way, today I was finally able to bump ALSA, so 1.0.13 is in the tree, in ~arch (as the mask was on _rc versiosn only). I’ll remove the _rc versions soon, but knowing ALSA, I thought to leave them there for a while before.

And yes, I should be trying to write something to send to a newspaper to find a new job now, instead of messing with fonts, fontconfig or freetype2 :/