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Need for a dayjob

So, seems like my life is coming to a change lately, and this is not in the good sense up to now.

I don’t want to descend into details right now, as I don’t really want to annoy everyone with my problems, I’ve already annoyed enough my best friend, even if she says it’s just alright, and that is enough for the moment.

Now, I really need a paid dayjob.. I was told to wait “for the next week” two weeks ago from the company I worked for a couple of time in the past months, but I haven’t heard from them yet. If I don’t hear from them in the next week or so, I need to find another job. And I need to take my driving license soon too.

If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have bought the new phone.. and most likely I wouldn’t have moved the ADSL router on the other floor (that required me to buy the WRT router and another UPS to protect the ADSL connection).

Sigh, I hate sudden changes. At least one thing will never change in my life and is my loneliness, of that I’m sure 🙂

On a totally another note, ALSA didn’t make the tarballs for 1.0.13 release available just yet, although the announce is now from twelve hours ago. Sigh.

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