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You really screwed yourself up when…

… you dream of File Release System carrying the 20050707 snapshot of FFmpeg.

No I’m not sure why I did, it’s been a while since I looked at the FRS. For sure, I’m not looking for a 20050707 snapshot. I’m not even sure if Luca ever created that snapshot.

I’m not even sure what that has to do with climbing a greenish glass skyscraper (considering I’m afraid of skyscrapers by themselves, my subconscious is doing pretty bad jokes). And no, I didn’t watch the Wizard of Oz lately (actually, I never did, a part a cartoon while I was four, which I almost entirely forgot, I just remember watching it while eating ice cream… interesting what your mind can remember; I remember the green thing now just because of Stephen King’s Wizard and Glass, not anything else).

Anyway, for a good call, I’ve added a newer xine-lib snapshot in portage, 1.1.3_pre20060929, that makes the MMAPed files support optional (as it might collide with timeshifting through Kaffeine, I haven’t fixed that yet) and adding support for playing Shorten (SHN) files in Amarok (reported by an user last night on , same problem as the old FLAC problem).

I think I’ll work on the fontconfig support later today or tomorrow, but for now I want to start looking for a way to map mouse buttons to keysyms without using xbindkeys+xvkbd (because this combo is pretty slow, considering it has to start a program every time :/), so that I can solve my problem and Tester’s with the 99 buttons “mouse” reported when using Logitech keyboards 🙂

Yes, I know I could also work on KDE’s KHotKeys system to accept mouse buttons, that will come later on tho, at least if I can find how to grab buttons, I can look that up in KHotKeys too 🙂

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