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New phone – looking for a new provider

So, today I received my new phone, a shiny (well, not shiny because it’s opaque) Motorola V1075. I love it, good form factor, big but not too big, and I hear well during phone calls.

Now the problem is to choose a provider. I originally thought of using Vodafone, as that’s what most of my friends use, but I got a bad surprise when I looked up for a tariff plan: all the old ones, that were created with the name Omnitel, before Vodafone acquired it from Olivetti group, are still in place (and are the ones used by my friends), but cannot be activated; all the new ones have all the calls, to any provider, at the same price (like I have now on the Wind number).. but to one time and a half the price I have now! The only good things are the promotions, but they are temporised, and I should still pay a monthly quota even if I don’t use them.. yes, maybe I would pay less on some things, like SMS to Vodafone users, but whenever I actually do a phone call, I would spend all my savings.

I’ve asked my sister to procure me a SIM for my current provider, Wind, that although having limited services, it’s quite good with respect to tariffs it seems. My current plan is €.10/minute to every national provider (with €.10 at the answer), and €.10 for SMSs to any provider, national and international (tried that already, and it’s true). The bad side is that the coverage on this area is pretty bad on its own, and there’s no UMTS signal here.

The other alternative it 3, that covers this area with 3G signal, and has a similar tariff, but I’m not sure about this either. I got reports of bad practises from them in the past, and that causes my doubts.

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