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Status update on 6.2 upgrade

So here I am, 7:31 in the morning, after a couple of hours of sleep, to continue building FreeBSD 6.2 on defiant to see how it behaves. Unfortunately, a couple new GCC 4.1 failures were introduced, mostly because of the BIND version sync. Luckily, one of the two I found is now already fixed, thanks to Alexander Kabaev, who closed the PR kern/103470 I submitted before going to sleep.

I’ve sent to Alexander also the rest of the GCC 4.1 patches we’re currently applying, so that hopefully before 6.2 final release we wouldn’t need them at all. I wish to thank him, as he’s one of the rare FreeBSD developres to answer my mails 🙂

I’ve also seen that the rpcgen issue that used to bite use seems to be fixed, but I’ll have to re-emerge berkdb to be sure of that.

Anyway, up to now the move to 6.2 is proceeding gracefully, I’m a bit afraid of having to emerge -e world, as this box currently have all of kde installed 😐 so I’ll probably just remove most of its content and merge only what i need (kdebase-meta because I need an X11 environment to test).

About the infamous FFmpeg patches, I’m working with Luca trying to get them in a decent shape that is more likely to be accepted, and trying to provide some numerical data the upstream developers can understand… I’ll see to provide whatever I’m going to recover out of my work.

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